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                        Waste Water Treatment

                        Surface treatment equipment inevitably discharges industrial waste water into rivers or sewers during operation, so that the emission requirements are increasingly stringent. For this reason, the company Steuler, Germany has developed a "zero waste water" process,   which is achieved by recycling water

                        and chemicals and reusing it.

                        With regard to Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), the core concept of Steuler is to   combine effective energy

                        use with the economic recovery of water and raw materials to reduce environmental pollution.


                        Process Description:
                        The waste acid,  waste solution and rinsing water  generated  during the operation of equipment are gradually concentrated by evaporation or condensation, and finally only the condensate, water, con-

                        centrated acid and metal salt solution remain.The condensate is recycled as new water to the surface treatment of the material. It is obvious that separating acid and metal from the hydrochloric acid solu-

                        tion is an economically viable method.The separated acid and metal can be reused,and other residues

                        are made into dry mud cake and buried.


                        With our partner, Steuler Germany, we will communicate with our customers closely to design and de-

                        velop economical, resource-saving and environmentally friendly processes for the treatment of spent

                        acids, waste solutions and waste water, and to provide relevant equipment to meet customer needs

                        as well as the requirements for the future.  When formulating a plan,   it is important to consider the

                        costs of chemicals and water supply, waste water and  residue treatment and recycling,  and energy


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