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                        Steuler-Bobby (Shanghai) Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SBE) was founded in 2004, as a Sino-German joint venture, the cooperative partner is Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH.  SBE focuses on development and application of  metal surface treatment technology and environmental technology, and its core products  relate to metal products, electricity, fibre-optical industry, waste water treatment and automotive industry etc.  The company has gained a good reputation within the industry  due to development and perfor-      mance for over 10 years and trusted well by the users.

                        SBE has well used technical experience from German partner to develop the scalable modular equipment system, so that the German ad-      vanced technologies and products are available for customers in China.  The system modules can not only meet the requirements of sus-    tainable development of the company, but also provide user with cost-effective solutions -from equipment manufacture, installation until subsequent treatment of residue accumulation and disposal standards - as well as offer the possibilities for improvement or modification     of the equipment.

                        SBE provides the turnkey project, including a full set of technical drawings, installation, inspection, operation training, maintenance guide and spare parts supply.

                        In addition to  surface treatment technology  and environmental technology,  our supply scope also includes  all the equipments for the following technologies: wire plating, acid regeneration, waste water treatment, waste acid and waste solution treatment, process water treatment etc.

                        All the equipments and technologies we provide have the following advantages: high quality processing, optimized use of chemicals, low energy consumption and lower environmental impact.








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